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Additional Resources

Here you’ll find a number of resources to help you explore the claims of Jesus, Christianity and the Bible in further detail.

Online Resources


  • Christianity on the Chopping Block
    A video series by John Dickson produced for the Centre for Public Christianity (CPX). It focusses on how the claims of examines how Christianity hinge of the historical events that took place in the first century AD.
  • Scenes from the Life of Jesus Documentary
    Clips from John Dickson’s Life of Jesus Documentary.
  • The Easter Story: Reasons to Believe
    A two part video series where Simon Smart interviews John Dickson. Together they discuss the historical reliability and significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • Human Longings
    An interview by Simon Smart with Sheridan Voysey, a writer, speaker and broadcaster on contemporary spirituality. It investigates our longings as humans and how they can be met.
  • Real Life: Jesus and the key to human flourishing
    An interview with Prof Richard Burridge by Simon Smart looking at Jesus’ desire to give us the good life we long for.


Print Resources


  • Simply Christianity
    A book by John Dickson that takes the reader through Luke’s biography of Jesus’ life. As he goes he highlights key ideas about Jesus and the significance for us today.
  • Nothing in My Hand I Bring
    This is a great book explaining Ray Galea’s personal investigation into the differences between Roman Catholicism and Protestant Christianity.
  • If I Were God I’d End All The Pain
    John Dickson addresses the tough questions of suffering and how this can possibly fit with a loving God. He assesses alternative views of how other religions explain the problem of suffering before turning to see what the Bible has to say.
  • If I Were God I’d Make Myself Clearer
    In another short book John Dickson looks at all the different spiritual claims made by a variety of religions and individuals. Is there any way to work out the truth?
  • Making the Most of the Bible
    Some people claim to love Jesus but are skeptical of the Bible. John Chapman asks how viewed the Bible and how we can make the most sense of it.